Triphala Bowel Health – ‘Anti-Oxidant’ 1kg


A powerful supplement used to prevent disease and treat a number of symptoms, including constipation and inflammation.


Triphala Bowel Health – ‘Anti-Oxidant’

  • Weight Loss
  • Cures Digestive Issues. …
  • Helps in Fighting Infections and Enhances Immunity. …
  • Beneficial in Maintaining Oral Hygiene. …
  • Beneficial for Eye Health. …
  • Helpful in Treating Gastric Ulcers. …
  • Helps in Treating Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Helps in Treating Urinary Tract Infections
  • Helpful in Reducing Joint and Bone Pains
  • Helpful in Healing Wounds
  • Effective in Regulating Blood Pressure
  • Helpful in Stimulating Hair Growth
  • Keeps Your Hormones in Place
  • Helpful in Reducing Dark Circles
  • Helpful in Curing Bad Breath
  • Beneficial for Kids
  • Helpful in Motion Sickness and Curing Dizziness
  • Helpful in Managing Diabetes
  • Helpful in Boosting Heart Health
  • Helps in Skin Rejuvenation


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