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  • Gelatine capsules – the global preference – are an elegant form with gelatine as the primary gelling ingredient.


There are several clear advantages related to gelatine capsules.

  • First, they are very inexpensive. You can easily purchase large quantities of these capsules at a relatively low price to compare with Vegetable capsules which tend to be more expensive because the materials are more costly.
  • The capsules also come in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Gelatin is easy to make and shape into different forms. It is also odorless.
  • Improving skin health and digestive functions and easing joint pain.
  • Gelatin, a pure protein
  • Tasteless
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free and offers a benign oral dosage form that creates a pleasant experience for the consumer.
  • It enables producers to customize based on color, shape or size in order to meet the requirements of the active fills and of the targeted demographics.
  • Gelatin also enables a diverse range of release profiles from enteric (slow) release to fast release of the active fill, allowing producers to accommodate a wide spectrum of fills while meeting consumer needs.
  • The gelatin in capsules is virtually non-allergenic.
  • Gelatin is derived from naturally occurring collagen found in connective tissue.
  • Gelatine is a pure protein, is easily digestible and free from side effects.
  • Gelatine capsules are not vegan nor vegetarian.

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