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  • 7Foods was started by Robbie Van Der Walt in December 2015.

  • After suffering a stroke in February 2013, he discovered the advantages and need for natural healing.

  • With the help of a homeopath, Robbie started the healing process and has recovered a great deal from this life changing event.

  • Through the teaching of Dr Henry Wright (A More Excellent Way), Dr Michelle Strydom (Healing Comes from the Sanctification of the Heart) and Dr Caroline Leaf (Switch on Your Brain), Robbie has discovered that each of us have an amazing capacity for self healing.

  • Healing the Spirit, Body and Soul provides true long lasting health.

  • Up Soon! More about Robbie’s personal journey back to health and the story of how he founded 7Foods and has dedicated many hours, days and years to sourcing ethically grown ingredients and producing a product that has integrity in every way and is also highly affordable!

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